Focused on common goals of Gilbert residents

Gilbert has one of the strongest and safest communities in Arizona - Bobbi's strives to keep our town safe and thriving while preserving Gilbert’s home town feel. Having been in our community for 20+ years, she has a clear vision of what the town used to be, what it is now, and what it can be with informed and honest new leadership.

Being a real estate broker here locally for many years has given her invaluable insight on what people value and look for in a community that they want to settle down in. Bobbi Buchli has a firm grasp of the people's praises and frustrations in Gilbert's local community with a strong desire to help any way she can once she is elected.  

Preserving our "small town feel" is important to Bobbi, and she is dedicated to ensuring the needs of residents in our town come first above any others.

Donations to Bobbi Buchli's campaign help tremendously in her effort to be elected to Gilbert Town Council.

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Core Values and Main Focus

Local leaders have a major impact on the community; we need resources to be spent wisely with well-informed and trustworthy leaders that will put residents first and not be swayed by motives of those that have no future interest in our beautiful town except for personal gain.

Involved and listening to the community of Gilbert 

Gilbert has grown a lot over the years, however how we grow is vitally important for the well-being of our community. Bobbi stands to help Gilbert grow and thrive in a healthy way by not supporting ill motives of large developers or uninformed elected officials. Instead, her focus is to stand beside well-informed elected officials in support of resident-first spending of tax dollars, and funds that actually improve the community.
Helping small businesses in the local community thrive.
Saying NO to any more huge, high density apartment complexes or apartment buildings.
Supporting new leadership top to bottom, with the integrity to make solid and informed decisions.
Getting fiscal spending under control.
Keeping the community safe through strong support of local Law Enforcement & Fire Departments.