Bobbi's Values & Views


Our Government must return to being Transparent with the Residents, it is their Town!

Right now the local government is not listening closely to what our community wants, and she plans to change that.


Support Growth of Small Businesses

Having an open ear to our small business owners locally making sure they are heard when it comes to what will help them thrive in the current economy.


Bobbi is & will remain an advocate against commuter rail/high density apartment complexes

No to commuter rail in Gilbert or any kind of additional rail in Gilbert. Our Town of Gilbert has more than enough high-density apartments. She is not against, if needed, smaller 2 level apartments or townhouses that would blend well with the surroundings and our beautiful town. However no more high-density/high-rise apartments. Gilbert has little land left to build on, careful planning and thought must be put into the best use of this land to the benefit of the residents of our town.


Putting Residents First With More Town Government Transparency

Residents are not being heard. Gilbert residents and families should always come first! I will listen to what residents want and I will hear what they are saying. I will advocate residents to be more involved with what is happening in our government.


Pro Second Amendment

The right to protect yourself is essential and has been around since our country has been founded. She fully stand by the right to bear arms.


Fiscal Conservative

Stop the Spending! We must return to responsible and unbiased fiscal spending: she will bring attention to this and advocate that our government spending must be brought under control, back in the interest of our town and residents, not developers.


No Mask Mandates

Bobbi is fully against mask mandates, and will show strong opposition to their enforcement.


Protecting and Supporting our Police, ambulance, and Fire Departments

Our local emergency services are essential to keeping our town safe, and giving them the support they need to continue doing a good job is crucial.